The Best of SEO Tools is Your Brain : Or is it Really?

If you’ve ever visited SEO forums plus discussions groups you must have seen all those heated debates on doing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION manually vs using SEO tools. You might have participated in them and, who knows, probably we’ve even argued with you about this. I bet a lot of people (including myself) are stroking their keyboards at the moment to chip in their two mere cents on this epical SEO topic.

Therefore let’s see the points from both sides of this debate and finally determine once and for all: Do we really need SEO tools to bring our websites to the top of search results?

The use-your-brain guys argue you shouldn’t rely on SEO software program of any kind to optimize your website mainly because SEO tools can’t properly analyze your website. A tool can’t tell what’s relevant to you and what will help your rankings; moreover it can harm your website.

Well of course , the AI associated with any tool is inferior to the man’s mind (although there are exceptions; ) in terms of its analytical capabilities. But automatic solutions are much, much more powerful at basic calculations and routine tasks like checking your own rankings in the search engines, gathering information on your backlinks or keywords, etc . And that’s where I think the supporters of a purely manual approach to SEO miss the point.

See, you shouldn’t understand any tools, including SEO tools as being a solution to all problems that will do ALL the work for you and bring your website to the top of Google without you stirring a finger. There’s no such tool and there’ll hardly ever be any.
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Tools that claim to achieve this are mostly scams involving spammy strategies that indeed can get your website banned by Google and other search engines. Yet ethical SEO tools can be a great assist to your SEO and a huge time-saver when you use them the right way.

Let’s get rank tracking for example. It definitely not the kind of task that requires a College Degree and even an one-handed monkey can do it. But it takes up quite a lot of time to go to every search engine in order to find where your website is ranked. Try doing this with the help of quality SEO tools and you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ve been wasting on tasks that could be easily done with the right tools at hand.

The same can be said about onpage optimization, link building or almost any other SEO task out there. Of course a tool, still cannot write articles for your website (at least not the kind anyone would bother reading) but it can help you determine the best content structure, help you properly use your keywords in the page components, etc .

So the bottomline is: Tools can be a great help in website promotion. You simply need to use them for the duties they were designed for, things they can perform much faster and better than you, yet don’t try to shift all the workload on the tools. Use your brain exactly where it’s really needed and use a spade to do the spadework.