How to translate Chinese to English online? Teach you two simple ways


There are actually many ways to translate Chinese into English. You can translate English directly if you have good English, and use a translator if possible. So how can I translate English from Chinese into English when I have poor English and no money?


Do n’t worry, here are two ways to translate Chinese from English to our friends, simple, free and easy to use.


The freeway which I am going to explain here is free so it does not completely translate your text in an engaging way. But somehow you use this method to take an initiative in a freeway. But we suggest you professional translation services known as do-transl. They provide a 100% engaging and amazing text after translation with punctuation so that you understand the text in awesome quality.

First, online translation:

Tools: Quick PDF Converter (Online Version)

Features: Many thieves, easy to use, and accurate translation.


1) Enter the website, under the document processing function, select the corresponding function according to the translation needs (take text online translation as an example);



2) The translation operation is performed on the jumped page. The process is:


Set the translation language → to enter the content to be translated into the text input box on the left → click Translate to get the translation result. Mobile translation: using tools: voice translator (mobile APP)

Features: Supports translation of dozens of languages, has two functions of voice translation and text translation, high translation accuracy, and voice reading function translate english to chinese .



1) Open the voice translator app, and select the voice/text translation according to the translation needs (take voice translation as an example);



2) Set the source language and target language;


3) Click the icon of the source language to start speaking, and then click the Done button when you are finished;



4) The software translates in real-time, the translation results are clear at a glance, click the small speaker, and read the voice aloud.


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Have you learned the above two methods of translating English from Chinese? Let’s try it out.